Ode Family Foundation Guardian Angel Fund Takes Flight

Local Foundation Partners with Lorain County Community College to
Support Struggling Students

Family Foundation
has allocated its first Guardian Angel grant to a
local recipient. The Ode Family Foundation has been working toward
establishing the Guardian Angel Fund in partnership with Lorain
County Community College
(LCCC) over the past several months.

The Guardian Angel Fund is intended to support LCCC students with a
demonstrated financial need, providing them with resources to overcome
financial hardship and complete their credentials or degrees. Recipients
of these grants will include students who have tuition covered but may
be struggling with related personal expenses like housing, child care
and transportation.

For Ode Family Foundation Board President Fred Ode, the Guardian Angel
Fund exists to fill this gap: “As a former educator, I have seen young
people struggle and get into tough spots. The idea for this fund is to
provide a little extra boost for those students.”

According to LCCC President Marcia J. Ballinger, Ph.D., receiving
well-timed support can be the difference between students dropping out
or completing their degree. “The Guardian Angel grants will provide
crucial support to students at critical moments in their education.
Through the generosity of the Ode Family Foundation, students will be
able to overcome barriers and focus on their education,” Ballinger said.

Steven Adams, the foundation’s first grant recipient, found himself
facing one of those barriers. “He wanted a job, wanted to be in school,
but was struggling to find consistent transportation,” said Ode. With
funding from the grant, he was able to purchase a reliable used vehicle.
“Now he’s got a great part-time job, is refocused on school, and is on a
clear path toward success.”

Providing this assistance wouldn’t have been possible without the
partnership of LCCC and their willingness to collaborate on new funding
opportunities. “We admire their commitment to their students’ success,”
said Ode. “We’re looking forward to future charitable endeavors and our
continued partnership with LCCC.”

The Ode
Family Foundation
provides assistance for educational and
professional growth. Building positive relationships with local
organizations, the foundation aims to cultivate new initiatives to
better serve under-resourced individuals. For more information, call
(440) 226-3175 or email info@odefamily.org.


Melora Ode | mmo@odefamily.org
Foltz Industrial Parkway
Strongsville, Ohio 44149