Plymouth Rock Assurance to Transform the Home Insurance Market with a Revolutionary New Product: Easier than Making a Sandwich

Consumers and insurance agents can complete a home insurance quote in
seconds and buy in minutes with a new offering designed to disrupt the
current product landscape

WOODBRIDGE, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Plymouth Rock Assurance has today introduced homeowners to a
revolutionary new way to protect their properties. Homeowners can now
buy insurance from the company’s elite agency force – or for themselves
online – in just minutes. After two years of testing in Pennsylvania,
the insurgent product launches today in New Jersey and is expected to
launch in New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut later
this year.

The new product is a rebellion against the traditionally lengthy process
for obtaining a quote and buying a policy. Plymouth Rock rejects the
concept of having to answer dozens of detailed questions, complete
lengthy processes, inspections and underwriting steps, only for the
customer to see the price change after multiple reviews. Plymouth Rock
will allow buyers and agents to obtain an accurate quote in seconds,
enabling them to check their current coverage and price quickly, even
when they aren’t in the market for a new home insurance policy.

While many insurance companies are experimenting with faster and easier
processes, none are backed by the expertise and financial strength of
the Plymouth Rock Group of Companies, which now writes and manages $1.4
billion in premium. Few companies offer the broad coverage or history of
storm recovery assistance provided by this leader in the Northeast

Only 12 percent of homeowners shop for a new policy each year,” said
Bill Martin, who leads the efforts of Plymouth Rock’s Home Insurance
Group. “This may be because it is more fun to do something else… like
make a sandwich. Many of our competitors collect data to prove their
insurance applicants’ answers wrong. We use the data to make customers’
lives simpler and avoid playing ‘gotcha.’ We decided getting an
insurance quote should be easier, more interesting and fun than making a

Known for extremely complex requirements, long phone calls and confusing
questionnaires, home insurance quotes are time-consuming and often
frustrating for consumers. Plymouth Rock intends to solve those problems
with a product that is simple, fast and reliable.

Martin continued: “When you can get a quote in seconds – especially when
it comes from a company you know will be there for you when it’s time to
pay claims – you don’t have to have a reason to get a quote. We
encourage all homeowners to quote, whether their policy is up for
renewal, they’re moving or just for fun. You may be able to save
hundreds of dollars by getting a quote from Plymouth Rock right now – in

Product Features
Plymouth Rock’s innovative product combines
a fast and simple quoting process that can be completed in seconds
simply by entering an address and selecting coverages, discounts and a
pay plan. Harnessing the power of data from trusted, publically
available sources, Plymouth Rock has pre-rated nearly 93 percent of
properties in each of its states. This enables homeowners and agents to
quote – and buy – a home insurance policy in just minutes.

The product’s speed and ease of use are combined with flexible coverage
options and unique offerings tailored to the modern property owner,

  • Home Sharing Coverage designed to protect homeowners – and home
    renters – who use home sharing services
  • Home Systems Protection to insure home essentials like furnaces, air
    conditioners and refrigerators when they break down
  • Utility Service Line Coverage to protect against damage to underground
    pipes or utility lines between your home and the street
  • Identity Theft Resolution and Prevention Services to resolve an
    identity theft incident, identity monitoring services to prevent ID
    fraud, and reimbursement of expenses incurred in resolving an ID theft

We plan to shake up the home insurance buying process,” said Martin.
Making it easy for everyone to quote and buy home, condo and renters
insurance – and offering the kinds of coverages today’s property owners
need. We’re thrilled to be launching in New Jersey and look forward to
future launches in our other states.”

About Plymouth Rock
The Plymouth Rock Group of Companies was
established to offer its customers a higher level of service and a more
innovative set of products and features than they would expect from an
insurance company. Taken together, the group’s companies now write and
manage more than $1.4 billion in auto and home insurance premiums across
Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York and
Pennsylvania. Plymouth Rock’s approach to insurance puts customers’
convenience and satisfaction first, giving them the choice to do
business the way they want – online at,
using a mobile device, by phone or with one of Plymouth Rock’s agents.

The Plymouth Rock Group of Companies is a trade name used by a group of
separate companies that write and manage property and casualty insurance
in multiple states under a variety of marketing and brand names,
including the brand names and service marks Plymouth Rock®
and Plymouth Rock Assurance®. The Home Insurance Group is a
name used for convenience and in marketing to refer to a grouping of
property and casualty insurance products sold or serviced in multiple
states through legally separate underwriting and managed insurance
companies. The Home Insurance Group is not a legal entity. In
Pennsylvania and New Jersey, home insurance is underwritten by High
Point Preferred Insurance Company and Palisades Property and Casualty
Insurance Company. Each underwriting and managed insurance company is
financially responsible only for its own insurance products and actual
coverage is subject to the language of the policies as issued by each
separate company. Some discounts, coverages, payment plans, features and
benefits are not available in all states and companies.


Brad Baker