E*TRADE Makes It Easier for New Investors to Jumpstart Their Portfolios Through Its Flagship Robo Offering

Core Portfolios now offers even greater portfolio diversification at a lower account minimum

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–E*TRADE Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: ETFC) today announced a series of enhancements to its robo advisory offering Core Portfolios. The enhancements offer customers:

  • Lower barriers to entry. Investors can get started with Core Portfolios for as little as $500.
  • Expanded investment opportunities. Customers can invest in a portfolio of six to eight ETFs, giving them access to even greater portfolio diversification.
  • More money at work. The Core Portfolios cash allocation is now 1%, allowing more money to work for account holders in the market.

E*TRADE also recently updated its Automatic Investing capabilities with a responsive mobile display so users can set up a plan that works for them across any E*TRADE platform. And continuing in its pursuit to make it easier for investors to build their portfolios, E*TRADE lowered the minimum recurring contributions to $25.

“Not having enough money to start is a reason often cited when we ask younger consumers why they haven’t opened a brokerage account,” said Rich Messina, SVP of Investment Product at E*TRADE Financial. “Democratizing investing is part of our DNA and fuels our drive to deliver tools that make it easier to participate in the market and invest for the future. The reality is younger investors have time on their side—over the long term, consistently saving a little can go a long way.”

Core Portfolios is a professionally managed advisory program with a 0.30% annual advisory fee. Portfolios range from Conservative to Aggressive Growth and consist of non-proprietary ETFs.

Visit the Core Portfolios page to learn more or visit E*TRADE Personalized Investments to learn more about all of our managed portfolio offerings.

E*TRADE aims to enhance the financial independence of traders and investors through a powerful digital offering and professional guidance. To learn more about E*TRADE’s trading and investing platforms and tools, visit etrade.com.

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