Kajabi Sees Customer Revenue Pass $1b and Celebrates Its Community by Launching New “Let’s Build Together” Marketing Campaign Starring Real Kajabi Users.

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–While the world stays indoors, entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers running their businesses on Kajabi, a leading all-in-one business platform, hit an incredible milestone: collectively, business owners on Kajabi have generated over $1.1 billion USD in revenue by providing high-value courses, memberships, and other products to more than 41 million students.

Now, the company is celebrating the success of its users by launching “Let’s Build Together,” a new community-driven campaign highlighting the real stories of its “Heroes” – users offering products on the platform.

“So many people are thinking, ‘How can I use this time to continue learning new skills and growing?’ right now,” says Kajabi co-founder and CEO Kenny Rueter. “Our users are stepping up and creating so much value in the lives of their students. We wanted to highlight what they’re achieving and the brightness they’re bringing into the world right now.”

The cross-platform campaign will highlight Kajabi Heroes working from anywhere, showing how anyone with knowledge to share can thrive during this unprecedented time.

“One of the most amazing things about our Kajabi Heroes is that we don’t have to chase after their stories,” says Kajabi CMO Orlando Baeza. “They’re so excited to share their successes with the community. All we’re doing is collecting the stories that are already out there and packaging them in a way that lets them reach even more aspiring Heroes.”

“We hope this inspires more people to take action, build together, and use this time to bring their idea to life,” Rueter says.

Key campaign highlights will include both video and static content featuring REAL users to be distributed across multiple channels digitally. Kajabi users are also still able to submit their stories to be included in this campaign by using the hashtag #KajabiLife on any social media channel.

To help its users get unstuck and start building their businesses online even faster, Kajabi’s support team is also ramping up support efforts for the community. This includes holding twice-daily live webinars Monday through Friday. The first daily webinar demonstrates how to benefit from a specific Kajabi feature, such as selling products or email marketing. The second is a live question and answer webinar that gives hundreds of people the opportunity to learn, ask questions and get personal guidance from 10-year Kajabi veterans – all live.

“We know it’s a strange time, but we’ve been honored to witness our Heroes serve their audiences in unprecedented ways,” Rueter says. “It’s proof you don’t have to step outside to step up. Let’s build together and show what we can achieve.”

The campaign launches this week.

About Kajabi: Founded in Irvine, California, in 2010, Kajabi is an all-in-one platform for entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers to build, market, and sell educational content. With Kajabi’s growing array of strong web design tools, users have a single ecosystem in which they can publish, market, and sell webinars, articles, online courses, and other digital products. Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs rely on Kajabi to build and manage their online businesses, and the company has helped these stakeholders generate over $1.1 billion in sales from 41 million customers to date.


For more information, visit: https://kajabi.com/


Dan Edelstein