IDS Engineering Group Names New Shareholders

Houston, Texas, April 2020 – IDS Engineering Group has named two new shareholders, Carol Harrison and Vernon Webb, II. 

Carol Harrison

Carol Harrison, P.E., PMP, ENV SP, is a Senior Project Manager in the Public Works Department. Vernon Webb, II, P.E., is Director of Water and Wastewater Services. 

Carol is a native Houstonian, she graduated Summa Cum Laude from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering and Engineering Management. She joined IDS in 2014 as a project manager in the site development group. Since then she has expanded her skillset to work on both public and private infrastructure projects of varying scales. Carol’s thorough understanding of local and state permitting and regulatory agencies makes her a valuable resource for her clients. The positive contributions her clients’ work makes on the community drives Carol’s passion. 

Vernon Webb

Vernon grew up west of Houston in Katy, and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University. He joined IDS in 2015 as Director of Water and Wastewater Services. He is also the project manager for a massive 4,200-acre commercial development in north Houston. He has 24 years of specialized experience in planning, designing and managing water projects, including wastewater treatment plants, lift stations, water plants/pump stations, utility lines, and sanitary sewer rehabilitation. Vernon uses this experience to mentor his team members. He also has considerable experience serving Municipal Utility Districts, including personal experience as a former MUD Board Director.

“Clients want to work with IDS because of professionals like Carol and Vernon. They exemplify the attitude and work ethic behind successful projects and teams,” IDS President Tim Buscha, P.E., CFM, said. “The nature of our work requires technical expertise, but it also takes a high level of creative problem solving, eager team building, and the tenacity to mind the details. Carol and Vernon not only make sure their clients are successful, but they’re both actively mentoring our other engineers. They’re exactly the kind of people we want as leaders in this firm.”

About IDS Engineering Group

Founded in 1970, IDS Engineering Group is a full-service civil engineering and surveying firm offering a complete range of professional services, from preliminary planning and design through construction management. IDS services include Public Works, Land Development, District Engineering, Site Development, Construction Management, Surveying, and Geographic Information Systems. IDS is headquartered in Houston, Texas.