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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#advancedanalytics–Rising customer expectations, the growing popularity of omnichannel retailing, and the emergence of new technologies have all impacted retailers in several ways, making hyper-personalization a top corporate priority for global retailers in 2020. Though most retailers are aware of the need to personalize offerings, most of them haven’t yet explored the true potential and opportunities that come with hyper personalization in retail. Today, advanced analytics and data science make it possible to go beyond trend analysis and customer behavioral analysis to offer personalized solutions and services. Quantzig, in its recent article, exploits some of these opportunities by shedding light on the role of hyper personalization in retail.

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Hyper personalization in Retail – A New Growth Opportunity

In the current business scenario, the ability to understand your customers, anticipate their needs, proactively solve their problems, and maintain an ongoing dialogue with them turns out to be a key differentiator for most retailers. Notably, hyper personalization in retail plays a crucial role in driving the success of targeted marketing campaigns. It helps make targeting much more precise with the help of hundreds and thousands of customer attributes and behavior signals collected from a variety of sources. Through its portfolio of advanced marketing analytics solutions for retail, Quantzig aims to help businesses familiarize this concept and the role of data and analytics in helping businesses implement targeted models.

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