Newly Listed on LSE, Kanabo Group Announces Partnership With the UK’s Biggest Cannabis Clinic Provider, LYPHE Group

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kanabo Group Plc, a medical cannabis company that recently debuted on London Stock Exchange, is delighted to announce it has signed its first UK medicinal cannabis distribution framework agreement with Astral Health Limited (“Astral Health”). Astral Health is fully owned by LYPHE Group, which is part of Drug Science’s Project Twenty21. According to the agreement, Kanabo will supply its medical-grade inhalation device, VapePod® and a line of medicinal cannabis formulations in pods for the UK market.

Through this new framework agreement, it is intended that Kanabo’s VapePod medicinal cannabis formula, under brand NOIDECS will be made available to Project Twenty21 patients. Project Twenty21 provides eligible patients with affordable medical cannabis treatment, monitored by Drug Science. The project aims to create the UK’s largest body of evidence for the effectiveness and tolerability of medical cannabis.

The VapePod will be the first product of its kind, a medical-grade handheld vaporiser with controlled metered dosage, made available to UK cannabis patients with a medical prescription. The initial formula, which Astral Health will distribute under the name NOIDECS 400T, is based on the Israeli medical cannabis pharmacopoeia as a recommended ratio for pain management. Kanabo and Astral Health will work closely together to make the products available to patients over the next 3-6 months.

Avihu Tamir, Kanabo’s CEO commented: “We believe this new product will be revolutionary for medical cannabis patients who need immediate relief of pain, and will replace the smoking of cannabis flowers as a medical delivery method, which is one of Kanabo’s main targets.”

Dean Friday, LYPHE’s CEO commented: “We have seen the headlines, and we have witnessed the negative impact of opioids. Pain is not going to go away, so a more natural and caring approach to treating it must find centre stage. Thanks to our partnership with Kanabo we now have a metered dose NOIDECS product that can treat patients across the U.K. that suffer from chronic pain.”

About LYPHE Group:

LYPHE Group, delivers a patient-focused medical cannabis ecosystem, and has emerged as the UK’s market leader in patient care – seeing over 60% of the medical cannabis patients in the country. LYPHE delivers a reliable and seamless supply of medical cannabis care and medicine. It has built a patient-access ecosystem across the UK that provides clinics, pharmacy & dispensing, import infrastructure and vital educational services to patients, doctors and other health care professionals.

About Kanabo

Kanabo is a medical cannabis company based in the UK and Israel, provides innovative solutions for the medical cannabis industry. Having built a medically validated IP that includes delivery systems working with patented formulations, Kanabo’s Initial product development is focused on vaporisation, including both medical grade vaporisers and formulations of medical cannabis extracts.


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