LessonApp: Resolving the Learning Crisis with the Help of Education Technology

QAWRA, Malta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Global education is in crisis. Majority of children do go to school, but
the learning results are poor. Teachers in many countries are lacking
quality teacher training.

“The reality struck us when we were travelling in emerging countries to
train teachers. Many of the teachers we met were doing their best, but
they didn’t have the resources or skills to develop their teaching
competence,” Ellimaija Ahonen, Co-Founder and CEO of LessonApp says.

“During this era of unlimited flow of information and efficient
communication technology, how is it possible, that we cannot offer basic
pedagogical knowledge and tools for every teacher around the world?”
Johanna Järvinen-Taubert, teacher trainer and Co-Founder of LessonApp
questions. “Coming from Finland, a land of excellent learning results
and a strong ethos of equality, this seemed fundamentally unfair to us.”

To tackle this challenge, a mobile lesson planning tool for teachers
called LessonApp was developed.

Team LessonApp aims to equip teachers with the understanding of the
learning process and, with the tools provided by the app, to help
teachers plan efficient and inspiring lessons themselves. The
ultimate purpose is to offer quality education for all and increase the
joy of learning in classrooms – for both students and teachers.

“We guarantee that everyone gets the basic version free of charge – with
no time limitations. That is our contribution to solving the education
crisis and sharing the good that we have. It is time to make a big
impact with digitalization,” says CEO Ahonen.

LessonApp Premium was launched on Saturday 16th February 2019
in Malta. “This pioneer collaboration with Ministry for Education of
Malta provides every primary teacher an access to LessonApp Premium. We
are excited and looking forward to hearing the results and feedback,”
Johanna Järvinen-Taubert summarizes.

“During the Finnish teacher training, teacher students are taught
different options for designing lessons in a pedagogically productive
way. We gathered all the knowledge we have related to learning and
activating teaching methods, and packed the data into an easy-access
format for mobile phones,” team sums up.

LessonApp is available in PlayStore, AppStore and www.lessonapp.fi/download


Ellimaija Ahonen
Co-Founder, CEO
LessonApp Ltd