L.A. City Council Opposes Scott Wiener’s Trickle-Down Housing Bill SB 50

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In the largest city in California, the Los Angeles City Council voted
unanimously today to oppose State
Sen. Scott Wiener’s trickle-down housing bill, SB 50
. The council
members sent a strong message to state legislators that they must stop
SB 50. The 12-0 vote is a major blow to Wiener’s bill.

“Within a week,” says Housing Is A Human Right Director René Christian
Moya, “the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and the Los Angeles City
Council both voted overwhelmingly to oppose Scott Wiener’s trickle-down
housing, pro-gentrification bill. State legislators must listen, and
stop SB 50 right now. It will harm middle- and working-class
communities, especially those of color.”

Housing Is A Human Right, the housing advocacy division of AIDS
Healthcare Foundation, applauds the L.A. Council for opposing SB 50.

At today’s City Council meeting, Councilman Paul Koretz said SB 50
pushes “trickle-down housing” and doesn’t directly address L.A.’s
housing affordability crisis, but will make huge
profits for the real estate industry
. “It’s a hand out to
developers,” said Koretz.

(Read the Housing Is A Human Right special report: “Selling
Out California: Scott Wiener’s Money Ties to Big Real Estate

Councilman David Ryu said SB 50 is a “power grab” by Wiener and doesn’t
adequately build much-needed affordable housing. “We need housing that
serves the people we represent,” said Ryu.

Councilman Mike Bonin was also deeply troubled by SB 50: “I’m concerned
it doesn’t do enough to stop displacement. It doesn’t do enough to build
affordable housing.”

Housing Is A Human Right urges state legislators to now stop the bill in

We also urge Gov. Gavin Newsom and state legislators to come up with
community-based solutions to urgently address our housing affordability
crisis, such as the “3 Ps”: protect tenants through rent control and
other policies; preserve existing affordable housing such as
rent-controlled units; and produce truly affordable housing.


Is A Human Right
, based in Los Angeles, is the housing advocacy
division of AIDS Healthcare Foundation—the world’s largest HIV/AIDS
medical-care organization, serving more than one million people in 43
countries. Throughout the U.S., AHF patients have been negatively
impacted by rising housing costs and gentrification, which threaten
their health. HHR advocates for stronger tenants protections, fights
gentrification, and advances progressive housing policies.


HHR Director René Christian Moya