New Innovations in Natural Gas from Newpoint

Water, Electricity and Hydrogen Production

OKLAHOMA CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Newpoint has taken unprecedented action to develop and integrate
processes to produce clean water, electricity and a hydrogen energy
source from zero-emissions natural gas technologies. Principles of the
company are targeting an end to end system demonstration by the close of

This electric power generator and water production process converts
zero-emission natural gas into hydrogen. In this challenging time of
global water scarcity and increasing demand for energy, innovative
technology utilizes the world’s abundant supply of responsibly produced
and transported natural gas as a low-carbon energy source. Newpoint’s
approach converts methane and other gaseous hydrocarbons into hydrogen.
The carbon dioxide produced is sequestered and/or used in manufacturing
which is why this hydrogen source is referred to as blue hydrogen.
Newpoint is committed to the implementation of this sustainable
technology on an economically and environmentally full system basis.

Technology Process

The first stage concentrates oxygen (O2) by separating
nitrogen (N2) from atmospheric air through an Air Separation
Unit (ASU). The nitrogen can also be sold as a byproduct. Concentrating
the oxygen reduces the volume of exhaust gas that must be treated
through later stages of the process. The purified oxygen is added to the
natural gas stream and injected along with steam into a syngas reformer.
The combination of oxygen and natural gas is converted to hydrogen (H2),
carbon dioxide (CO2), and water vapor. Excess heat produced
by the syngas reformer is utilized to generate power while the H2,
CO2, and water vapor enter a hydrogen purification system.

The hydrogen purification unit separates the H2 from the CO2
and water. The CO2 is sent to a compressor and is
ultimately sequestered and/or used in manufacturing. The purified
hydrogen is sent to a power generator, combined with air to generate
electricity. The H2 and air exhaust is cooled to
approximately 100°F (38°C), condensing the water created from the

In addition to water production and electrical generation, Newpoint’s
system is designed to supply an optional source of blue hydrogen that
can be used as fuel for cars, trucks and other transport modes. This
optional fuel source adds additional environmental value by eliminating
emissions (CO2, VOCs, etc.) from vehicle transportation
further contributing to a low-carbon economy.

“Newpoint’s focus since 2015 has been on the environmental and social
impact of oil and gas. We overcame challenges with inventive action in
developing technologies for Zero Emission Oil & Gas production and Blue
Hydrogen that target immediate change. Now our attention is on
implementation,” states Newpoint’s founder and CEO Wiley Rhodes.


  • Eliminates carbon monoxide and volatile organic compound (VOC)
  • Produces purified water;
  • Provides a zero-emission electrical power source;
  • Creates a feasible hydrogen energy source;
  • Reduces the cost of CO2 sequestration or reuse resulting
    from electrical power generation;
  • Establishes a feasible hydrogen source to offset the investment
    required for the infrastructure to distribute hydrogen;

    • As hydrogen is further integrated into a low-carbon economy,
      expansion of the infrastructure can further utilize this
      environmentally friendly fuel source;
    • Green hydrogen which is derived from water using 100% renewable
      energy, will begin production, at scale, when an economical
      process is developed. The blue hydrogen infrastructure can be
      utilized in the future by transporting both hydrogen products.


Water, electricity, and hydrogen are produced while contributing to a
low-carbon economy. As the scarcity of clean water rises with the demand
for earth-friendly energy sources, Newpoint’s precedent-setting
innovations will be scaled to meet demand.

Source: Newpoint Gas, LLC in cooperation with The One Step In Foundation


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