CAVU Resources, Inc. Announces the Acquisition of kushAmerica, Inc.

TULSA, Okla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CAVU Resources, Inc. (OTC Markets: CAVR) announced today it has closed a
stock purchase agreement to buy 100% of the outstanding common shares of
kushAmerica, Inc.,
(“KUSH”), an entertainment company that has developed an unique
marketing app in the Cannabis and Entertainment space.

KUSH has developed a proprietary mobile app that unites legal consumers,
advocates, enthusiasts and businesses with access to each other through
chat and information platforms in an effort to be the go to space in the
industry, all with the endorsement of music and entertainment industry
leaders. As a result, KUSH will be bringing a distribution network of
informed, enthusiastic, and creative Street Team Marketers to concerts,
movie showings, local bars, clubs, coffee spots, dispensaries and
campuses. KUSH Marketers will spread the word, to drive the masses to
the KUSH mobile app download, creating what KUSH management forecasts to
be one of the fastest growing cultures in the country. Beta registration
and testing has commenced. The app is scheduled for limited launch on
April 20, 2019.

Mr. Robert Silver has been appointed Chairman and CEO. Mr. Silver, the
founder of KUSH, has a strong background in the entertainment industry.
He has worked with several NFL stars, music acts and artists. Mr. Silver
has recently produced his own reality show called Cowboy ALL IN,
partnering with STX (Legendary Pictures) at the time of this press
release. Additionally, Mr. Silver currently manages a 10-year-old actor
who stars on the hit CBS show Young Sheldon, as well as one of the top
in-house producers in music today. Mr. Silver creates and inspires,
bringing his vision to reality.

Robert W. Demes has been appointed President and COO. He is also the
founder of The Elite Growers (,
premier growers of very potent medical marijuana. View The Elite Growers
mission here:
Over the last 35 years Mr. Demes has been a key figure in deploying
financial and business skills for a number of companies that range from
small business startups to established publicly traded entities in a
myriad of business sectors. During his career, he helped deploy capital
for many industries including technology, oil and natural gas, heavy
equipment infra-structure, and international trade. Mr. Demes has also
developed residential and commercial properties throughout North and
South America. A former political dignitary for Latin America, Mr. Demes
was responsible for generating hundreds of millions of dollars in trade
on behalf of Costa Rica.

In summary, the terms of the KUSH Acquisition bring a new life and
opportunity to CAVU (OTC Markets: CAVR). CAVU will increase its
authorized common shares to 1.5 Billion as part of the transaction. The
acquisition has been structured to provide value to both current and
future shareholders. CAVU is issuing 500,000,000 (five hundred million)
shares of Restricted common stock and converting all of its Preferred
shares into common stock. KUSH will become a Nevada C corporation and be
a wholly owned subsidiary of CAVU.

In preparation for this transaction and to complete the restructuring of
the company CAVU has accelerated efforts in cleaning up the balance
sheet. Former CEO William Robinson converted $536,708 of convertible
note balance, valued at $0.015 (a penny and a half), into 35,780,536 of
restricted common shares; and CFO Mike Sheikh’s $121,908 convertible
note balance, also valued at $0.015 (a penny and a half) was converted
into 8,127,222 of restricted common shares, demonstrating that the
company continues to eliminate its debt at a significant premium to
market. The company will also be converting all of its outstanding
Preferred A and B shares into 127,500,000 common shares.

“New management is confident in its ability to execute and to achieve
long term shareholder value. We hope our shareholders realize that we
take our fiduciary responsibility very seriously. This means that we
will use the same lens when evaluating future acquisitions. Mr. William
Robinson will also be resigning as CEO to pursue other opportunities. We
plan to secure conventional funding sources to allow us to close high
growth acquisitions that should bring an unrealized value to our
shareholders. We are very excited about being in a position to report
the Company’s new progress. We believe this acquisition as well other
targeted acquisitions in the technology related and delivery systems of
cannabis products will become a showcase for the low risk opportunities
that requires less capital, while bringing potential exceptional returns
to CAVU shareowners.”

About CAVU

During World War II, Navy fighter pilots would look up at the sky and
if it was a ‘CAVU’ day then it meant ceiling
and visibility unlimited.
The founders of CAVU Resources chose the name CAVU because they believe
that the Company will be the embodiment of its name. CAVU was formed
with the goal of becoming a recognized player in business technology
with unlimited future visions.
The company seeks out unique
opportunities that help build shareholder value through innovative


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