Forget Bikini-Clad Foam Parties, Hoegaarden Wants to Pay for You to Slow Down This Spring Break with a Trip to Hoegaarden, Belgium

Hey spring breakers – over the crowded hotels, sticky bar floors,
neon cocktails and overzealous college students taking over the beaches
during Spring Break?

Hoegaarden is unveiling a spring break package that won’t have you
needing a vacation from this vacation

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With over half of millennials taking a Spring Break, 65% of them won’t
spend it slowing down and relaxing*. However, people know they
should be—a recent survey found that 60% of people say they do not have
enough time to kick back and relax**. Hoegaarden wants to help consumers
find that slower pace of life. As a staple of Springtime, Hoegaarden,
the original Belgian Wheat Beer with a rare, slow, double fermentation
process, is offering four travelers plus their friends the opportunity
to spend their Spring Break in its birthplace of Hoegaarden, Belgium.
The Hoegaarden Slowed Down Spring Break package includes flights
and accommodations, plus an incremental payment of $1,445 to experience
what this rustic, quaint village has to offer – an abundance of nature,
cloud watching, cobblestone skipping, and savoring the smooth, citrusy
Hoegaarden. Yes, that’s correct. Hoegaarden is paying you $1,445 to take
a spring break trip to slow down. Why $1,445? That’s the year Hoegaarden
was founded and officially started to take things slow.

Hoegaarden has a unique heritage. From the original Hoegaarden wheat
beer that was first brewed in the Middle Ages in the countryside of
modern-day Belgium, it has become a world-renowned, authentic Belgian
wheat beer. Many people know about Hoegaarden’s classic recipe, which
includes unique ingredients such as orange peel and coriander. What they
may not know is that Hoegaarden takes much longer to brew than many
other beers, as it undergoes double fermentation. This rare brewing
process involves letting the beer “rest” for two weeks after the
traditional brewing process is finished, to generate natural carbonation
and create Hoegaarden’s signature taste. Yes, the beer is brewed twice
as long as many that line shelves, but the brand believes there is
something to be appreciated about slowing down and not rushing through
every aspect of life.

And while Hoegaarden has been appreciating a life slowed down for
centuries, it wants more people around the world to do the same. That is
why Hoegaarden is offering the Slowed Down Spring Break package. Spring
Break should be enjoyed in a place with green spaces that allow you to
de-stress, recharge and escape from the pressures of the modern world. A
place like Hoegaarden, Belgium, where the beer takes its time, and life
has remained simple and relaxed since the village was founded centuries

The brand is determined to provide travelers a glimpse into the secrets
of this small town. To enter for a chance to win the trip (and to truly
disconnect), spring breakers must be at least 25 years old, a United
States citizen, and eligible to travel between May 11 – May 15. Head to
for complete details and to enter between April 17th to April


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to US residents 25+. Begins 4/17/19 and ends
4/22/19. See Official Rules at
for entry, prize and details. Void where prohibited.



Hoegaarden has a very unique heritage. From the original Hoegaarden
wheat beer that was first brewed in the Middle Ages in the eponymous
Belgian village in Flemish Brabant, it has become a world renowned
authentic Belgian wheat beer. Part of the AB InBev family, Hoegaarden is
now a widely distributed international beer brand, available in more
than 70 countries. This cloudy wheat beer, flavored with orange peel and
coriander, is a refreshing thirst quencher with a mild flavor and a
fruity character. It is characterized by its naturalness and
authenticity. Hoegaarden wheat beer is an ideal summer beer, served in
the famous hexagonal glass. Visit our websites:


Lauren Bishop Jennings
Alison Brod Marketing + Communications