World Peas Brand Peatos Resolves Trademark Dispute with Frito Lay

Ultimate junk snack catfight will take place in supermarket
aisles, not in the courtroom

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href=”” target=”_blank”gt;#amazonlt;/agt;–World
Peas Brand
Peatos, a division of Snack it Forward, today announced
its trademark-related disputes between Frito Lay and Snack it Forward
have been amicably resolved. Peatos will be winning fans for decades to

“We would like to commend Frito Lay on its cooperative attitude toward
reaching a resolution that works for both parties,” says Nick Desai, CEO
of World Peas Brand Peatos. “This battle will be fought where it should
be: in the aisle of supermarkets and the hearts and minds of
consumers—not in the courts. This is a great time for all companies that
challenge the status quo.”

Junk food-style salty snacks are a $20 billion industry known for
crave-worthy taste and appeal but are full of empty calories. The
settlement is a result of the rapidly growing upstart challenging the
entire junk snack industry with something that sounds too good to be
true: junk food with better nutrition.

Although there is still a major battle brewing between traditional “junk
food” salty snacks and the new “Better Than Junk” snacks by World Peas
Brand, both camps have taste and enjoyment as a primary driver, with the
key difference being the former is made from empty-calorie corn and
potatoes and contains artificial components, and the latter from
nutrient-dense peas and lentils and natural ingredients.

Peatos is a revolutionary crunchy puffed snack that tastes, crunches and
satisfies better than junk food, with 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of
fiber per serving. Made with non-GMO ingredients, no artificial flavors,
no synthetic colors and no added MSG, Peatos is uniquely merchandised in
the produce department due to its high plant-based protein content.


World Peas Brand’s first snack, Peatos™ is a revolutionary crunchy
puffed snack that tastes, crunches and satisfies better than junk food
and has twice the protein and three times the fiber of Cheetos® per


World Peas Brand replaces the traditional base (e.g. corn and potatoes)
used in salty snacks with pulses (peas and lentils) to deliver better
ingredients, better nutrition and better flavor. Learn more at
and find us on and on Twitter
and Instagram
@worldpeaspeatos. #unjunkyoursnack



Anne Milo-Shanahan/Valerie Christopherson